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A Holistic approach to your health

Lifestyle medicine promotes a plant-predominant diet, regular physical activity, restorative sleep, stress management, and avoidance of risky substances as a primary therapeutic modality for the treatment and renversement of chronic disease.

Many of our health problems are caused by our lifestyle. We can improve our everyday habits to promote our overall wellness by taking a ‘whole-person’ approach.

Based on decades of solid clinical evidence, it has solid roots in science, as do all branches of medicine.

A lifestyle medicine approach is evidence-based. This approach utilizes the latest medical science to achieve positive clinical results. It can reduce or eliminate medications and produce incredible health results.

Lifestyle medicine takes into consideration every aspect of your physical and emotional health.

The goal of Lifestyle Medicine is to establish and maintain healthy behaviors that improve your quality of life and longevity.

Our first step is to schedule your appointment so we can discuss the goals of Lifestyle Medicine, as well as examine your current habits and habits and provide advice on how to improve every aspect of your health.

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Learn how to cope with stress better, and become more resilient so you can live a calmer, more balanced life.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will be easier if you stay away from substances such as cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs.


Be active throughout the day to keep your mind and body healthy.



Good sleep is the foundation of good health and gives you the energy you need to maintain the other lifestyle pillars.

Take steps towards a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet by learning about and consuming the foods that are right for your body.


Happiness and health can only be achieved by loving yourself and having healthy relationships with others.


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  • Who would make a good candidate for an Anti-wrinkle treatment?
    Anti-wrinkle treatments are ideal for people in good health looking for ways to reduce facial wrinkles.
  • How do Anti-wrinkle treatments work?
    Anti-wrinkle treatments block the release of acetylcholine from nerve cells to muscles.
  • How soon should I see results after my Anti-wrinkle injections?
    The effect of the treatment can be noticed by the end of first week. The final result can last for up to 3 months and is usually seen two weeks after the treatment. The clients treated in Juvenology Clinic are invited to book follow up appointment and top up is given after practitioner assessment if is needed.
  • What are Anti-wrinkle treatments?
    Injectable wrinkle treatments relax and soften the skin by preventing facial muscles from contracting. The result will be a younger and much more refreshed appearance. It reduces wrinkles, decreases oil production, and boosts facial contours.
  • How long can I expect the results from an Anti-wrinkle injection to last?
    You can expect the results to last for three months. Your results will vary depending on your skin type, the severity of wrinkles you’ve had treated, and how well you maintain your skin.
  • Is there any recovery or downtime?
    After treatment, there is typically no recovery or downtime. Some patients experience mild redness, bruising, and swelling at the injection site.
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