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Non Surgical lifting alternative to the surgery with PDO Threads 

Instant transformation 


The result lasts up to 12-18 months


You will need to have face-to-face consultation and assessment to have the treatments.

Instant Lift

There is immediate effect after the procedure but the best effect  will come in a few months when the threads start to dissolve and replace by collagen and elastic tissue.



A PDO thread lift is an innovative procedure, often referred to as a "lunch hour lift." PDO thread lifts take less than an hour to do and can help improve the appearance of your neck, cheeks, jowls, and droopy eyelids by lifting sagging tissues. Thread lifts are ideal if you feel gravity is pulling at your face, ageing your appearance, but have minimal sagging. They require little recovery time and deliver excellent results. There is no scarring, no anaesthesia, and far more affordable than a surgical facelift.


  • Who would make a good candidate for an Anti-wrinkle treatment?
    Anti-wrinkle treatments are ideal for people in good health looking for ways to reduce facial wrinkles.
  • How do Anti-wrinkle treatments work?
    Anti-wrinkle treatments target the muscles to limit there movements and reduce facial expression.
  • How soon should I see results after my Anti-wrinkle injections?
    The complete effect of the treatment can be noticed by the end of two weeks. The final result can last for up to 3 months and is usually seen two weeks after the treatment. The clients treated in Juvenology Clinic are invited to book follow up appointment and top up is given after practitioner assessment. The goal of the antiwrinkle treatment is to limit the muscle movement and not completely freeze the areas.
  • What are the results from Anti-wrinkle treatments?
    Injectable anti wrinkle treatments relax and soften the skin by preventing facial muscles from contracting. The result will be a younger and much more refreshed appearance. It reduces wrinkles, decreases sweat production, and give lifted, fresher and smoother appearance.
  • How long can I expect the results from an Anti-wrinkle injection to last?
    You can expect the results to last for three months. Your results will vary depending on your skin type, the severity of wrinkles you’ve had treated, and how well you maintain your skin.
  • Is there any recovery or downtime?
    After treatment, there is typically no recovery or downtime. Some patients experience mild redness, bruising, and swelling at the injection site. We recommend to skip activities with excessive sweating like training, sauna, steam, swim for 24 h after the treatment.
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