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Sports performance

Here at Juvenology Clinic we provide tailored health assessments to suit your personal requirements.

Perhaps you want a baseline check on your health parameters, aiming to get fitter, lose weight, preparing for a sporting event/bodybuilding show, taking PEDs, or possibly health span and longevity have become important to you.

At consultation we will carefully review the following areas - achievable goals, individual medical history and previous family medical issues, medications and supplements, diet, social factors, in conjunction with a thorough physical examination.

On review of clinic findings and blood analysis, I will provide you with a bespoke 'evidence-based' plan on how to address any underlying medical issues uncovered and aid attaining your chosen goal.

Boxing Training

Sports performance Wellness


Assessment Includes:

In-depth questionnaire review

Cardiology exam -Blood pressure, ECG

Respiratory exam- Spirometry

Blood oxygen saturation

Blood tests -deferent packages available

Urine analysis

Lifestyle Medicine assessment 

Assessment Includes:


Blood-profiling charges


Genova diagnostic testing (on request)

Diagnostic imaging (on request)

Specialist referral/letters etc. post consultation finding

Private prescription charge  (Dispensing charge separate)



Here at Juvenology Clinic, we regularly see as part of our clinical practice, patients who use PEDs in conjunction with their training regime. Juvenology Clinic does not promote this practice, however understands that clients will continue to use these substances professionally and recreationally.

Our job ethically as medical professionals,  is to educate our clients, so they can make their own decisions on PED use, to keep them as safe as possible and treat any potential complications appropriately.

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