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Longevity Medicine

Add Life to your years and years to your life


The Hallmarks of Ageing

Human aging is a series of interconnected processes and occurs at a biochemical, genetic, and physiological level. The hallmarks of aging (López-Otín et al., 2013) are mechanisms jointly involved in human aging that are likely to have evolved progressively on top of one another in a multi-layered mechanism.

To determine how they have evolved is key to understanding how mechanisms of aging interact in humans. These hallmarks are: genomic instability, telomere attrition, epigenetic alterations, loss of proteostasis, deregulated nutrient-sensing, mitochondrial dysfunction, cellular senescence, stem cell exhaustion, altered intercellular communication and inflammation.

Most biomarkers, diagnostic tests, as well as some interventions at Juvenology Clinic have been designed around the hallmarks of aging.

Longevity Medicine is in general optimizing health span by targeting ageing processes across the lifespan. This is an independent medical speciality that extends the health span of ageing individuals, tackles ageing mechanisms and optimizes an individual’s performance.

Feel welcome to book a consultation with us and start your journey to Longevity

Health Span

Health Span is the period of the years that you perform your best. Recent researches and studies developed  protocols to target the hallmark of ageing and extend the health span. We are proud to offer this Longevity Medicine service to our clients at Juvenology Clinic.

Life Span

Life Span is the length of your years. You can not do much about it. But we can reassure you that is not the years you live  that matters is the quality of the life in them!

Epigenetic DNA Testing

Epigenetic testing can look into your DNA and discover the length of the telomers, your cellular aging clock -biological age. We work with Trudiagnostics company  from USA that provides Tru Age testing and reports from Harvard University. We are proud to deliver there services to You.

Supplements and Lifestyle Interventions

There is curtain supplements that are proven clinically to reverse and target the hallmark of ageing and slow or reverse the ageing process. Lifestyle interventions are taking a big part in the reversing of Ageing process. We are proud to specialise in Lifestyle Medicine and now we have progressed to Longevity medicine to deliver the best possible care for You!

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